services - injection molding

Injection Molding

Impact Plastics is established as a manufacturer of plastic injection molded components serving more than 25 original equipment manufacturers. Currently, we are running 15 thermoplastic injection molding machines with robotic capabilities and 24/7 operational hours. Our molding capacity is from 90 to 1,650 tons.

Our Injection Molding services include:

  • Insert Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Value-Added Assembly
  • Gas Assist
In-House Tool Shop-157

In-House Tool Shop

Impact Plastics’ in-house tool shop is dedicated to building high-quality injection molds.

Our tool shop uses the latest 3D CAD and CNC software coupled with state-of-the-art machining equipment to build and modify molds. We utilize rapid prototyping in tool construction to assist in creating tools that are cost-effective and of high quality.

To reduce long downtimes in parts production, our in-house tool shop is able to quickly and efficiently conduct scheduled maintenance on molds being run in our production department.



Impact Plastics offers a complete finishing operation to meet the needs of every customer. Our Finishing Department consists of an overhead conveyor system, various sizes of spray booths, drying ovens and a complete material handling system.

Our Finishing capabilities include:

  • Painting
  • Simulated Wood Finishing
  • Masking


We work closely with our customers to determine the optimum assembly process, while keeping your budget and program requirements in mind. Our assembly objective is to assist you in reaching your ultimate production goal, and at the same time, produce high-quality assembled parts.

Our direct distribution center can prepare and package your assembled components to ship to other distribution centers, to end users, or directly to you.

services - secondary operations

Secondary Operations

Help your product get to market quickly and reduce costs by utilizing our Secondary Operations capabilities.

We understand the importance of including secondary operations in the design stages and work with our clients from the beginning to save money by keeping the product in-house throughout the manufacturing process. Impact Plastics has the equipment and trained team members to streamline this process through value-added services like hot stamping, pad printing, sonic welding and in-mold decorating.


Contract Manufacturing

When you partner with an injection molding company, you need one who will meet your specifications while meeting deadlines and staying within your budget. Impact Plastics’ capabilities and expertise make us that partner. As a complete service provider, we help you reach your goals while offering any level of support you require. Our post-molding assembly and direct distribution centers ensure that your product is manufactured according to your guidelines and delivered on time.